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"To Inspire and Enable All Young People"

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Our Programs

Charcter & Leadership

Empowering youth to become leaders, BGCSM provides opportunities for members to sustain meaningful relationships, develop a positive self-image, participate in the democratic process and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.

Health & Life Skills

Today’s youth face overwhelming obstacles that affect their health and well-being. BGCSM gives them the tools—and the strength—to engage in positive behaviors and good decision-making. Programs focus on building self-esteem and deal with drug....

Sports & Recreation

Through sports, children learn teamwork, leadership and responsibility. They experience the rewards of hard work, develop a love for sports and exercise and learn the benefits of friendly competition. Through recreational games....

The Arts

Through the arts young people gain the confidence, self-esteem and leadership abilities, to understand problems that problems may have multiple solutions. They are also able to put their ideas, thoughts and feelings into concrete and abstract forms while gaining the....

Education & Career

One of our top priorities is to help members succeed in school and to make their education relevant by applying their knowledge and skills to daily challenges. Through activities that are educational and engaging, our members gain the strength they need...

Formula for Impact

‘Formula for Impact’ is an adopted strategy created by our National Headquarters and serves as a roadmap for Clubs to help ensure that members achieve our priority outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.

Spotlight Corner


Kaiden is in 6th Grade and enjoys building with LEGOS and playing Minecraft. He is an Honor Roll student who aspires to be in either the Air Force, a veterinarian or a YouTuber!

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