Summer Camp

Cancelled Due to COVID-19

One of our top priorities is to help members succeed in school and to make their education relevant by applying their knowledge and skills to daily challenges. Through activities that are educational and engaging, our members gain the strength they need to achieve their goals.

Power Hour
All members receive one hour of homework/tutoring assistance making studying and academic achievement a daily responsibility.

Stop, Drop & Read
Reading is more than fundamental! Our members are learning reading is just plain fun!  In this initiative, members stop, drop everything and pick up their books.  Our library offers a wide assortment of reading material for all ages.  Since we encourage children to fall in love with reading, we often gift their favorite books to them.  Donations to our library are therefore put to great use!

Career Exploration
Teen members are coached to develop the tools and skills they need to prepare for the job market, including resume preparation and mock interviews.

6 Week Option

June 22nd - July 31st

Monday – Friday (field trips included): $350

8 Week Option

June 22nd - August 14th

Monday – Friday (field trips included): $450

Pre Care (7:30AM- 9:00AM) and Post Care (4:30PM-6:00PM) will both be offered at an additional fee of $25 ($25 for Pre Care and $25 for Post Care) per child per week

EARLY BIRD PRICE $25.00 off – if paid by May 1st, 2020

Multiple Children Deal: 1st child full price, 15% off of remaining children.

Final Payment Due by June 12th

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd.


Download and Fill Out the Forms Below


Fill out both the application form and camper health history and submit through the form below.

Medical and Emergency Contact Information

If parent(s) or guardian(s) cannot be reached in an emergency, please call:

I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the BGCSM Summer camp. BGCSM has permission to photograph my child in BGCSM sponsored activities.

In consideration of the acceptance of the camper for enrollment in the Summer Camp, I hereby release and discharge BGCSM, Youth Activities Program, its agents, employees, and offices, from all claims, demands, action, judgments, and executions which the undersigned, as parents(s) of the camper, ever had or now has or may have, Youth Activities Program, its successors, or assigns for personal injuries known and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by, arising out of the campers enrollment int he Summer Camp. BGCSM reserves the right to terminate a summer camp contract.